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YV Fruits Group Inc
Growers, Packers and Marketers of Quality
Fresh Fruit

Supply Chain Project
ECEPP is supporting the development
of the YV Chain Management System

Track A Project

YV Marketing Profile

YV Marketing is a Victorian company based in Yarra Valley. It was established by YV Fruits Group in February 2001 to market and distribute fresh fruit produced by member businesses.

The Group mainly operates in the domestic fresh fruit industry, with some fruit to export markets. Major trading partners include retailers Coles and Woolworths, distributors such as Montague Fresh, and wholesalers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The Group's competitive advantage is offering its customers the shortest and most efficient fresh fruit supply chain system. The “YVM model” is reflective of what is recognised as the global model for building competitive and sustainable supply chains benefitting all businesses in the chain.

YV Fruits and its shareholders are committed to developing the YV Marketing business. The organisational structure has a Business Manager accountable to the board of directors who in turn are accountable to our shareholders.