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YV Fruits Group Inc
Growers, Packers and Marketers of Quality
Fresh Fruit

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YV Fruits Group Profile

YV Fruits Group was established in 1993 and comprises twelve medium sized fruit producing family businesses, supporting thirty-four families directly and up to 70 permanent and part time staff throughout the year. The origins of these family businesses can be traced back up to six generations. The wealth of experience that has been handed down through the generations has enabled the current operators to develop their farming operations which exist today.

Some businesses were part of the original selection process in the Yarra Valley district. Others progressesd to the Yarra Valley after beginning in the Hawthorn, Doncaster, Vermont, Wantirna and Mooroolbark areas of suburban Melbourne. As the perimeter of the Melbourne metropolitan area expanded over the years, these farming businesses moved eastward and replanted their orchards. In addition to the orchards in Yarra Valley, YV Fruits Group members now also produce in Mornington Peninsula, North East Victoria and Tasmania.

YV Fruits members utilise the latest growing techniques and varieties. In excess 2,500 hectares of trees and vines have been planted, producing an annual crop of over 5,000 tonnes.

Members produce Apples, Rubus Berries (Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries), Cherries, Lemons, Nashi, Pears and Persimmons.

YV Fruits established YV Marketing Pty Ltd in 2001 to market and distribute fruit grown by member businesses.