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YV Fruits Group Inc
Growers, Packers and Marketers of Quality
Fresh Fruit

Supply Chain Project
ECEPP is supporting the development
of the YV Chain Management System

Track A Project

Technical Support

By operating as a "network" the members of YV Fruits Group have introduced economies of scale to their operations. The ability to share knowledge, ideas, resources, equipment, technology, and to develop a strategy for farm development and marketing will take these enterprises into the twenty first century on a strong basis.

The members, through the Group, are exposed to the latest developments in the fruit growing and marketing by the employment of a Business Manager, their own extensive contacts and interaction with other sectors of the industry. Regular meetings are held to communicate the latest knowledge and developments to the members. Information is forwarded on a direct basis by meetings, phone, mail and fax to members of the Group. This enables quick implementation and ongoing commitment to maintaining excellence.