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YV Fruits Group Inc
Growers, Packers and Marketers of Quality
Fresh Fruit

Supply Chain Project
ECEPP is supporting the development
of the YV Chain Management System

Track A Project

Our Mission

The YV Fruits Group is committed to producing, packing and marketing a broad range of high quality fruits suitable for Australian and export markets.

The Group aims to provide a safe and reliable supply of produce that meets our customers specifications and satisfies regulatory requirements.

The members of the Group have implemented a Farm Quality Management System based on the SQF2000 certification system. This ensures that our quality standard, training, work instructions and procedures are met. The member businesses are committed to providing a safe working environment according to Occupational Health and Safety requirements and the continual development of our human resources through training and education.

By sharing information, technology, resources, and implementing sustainable best practices our businesses will prosper and further develop.

This provides the incentive for the Group, its member businesses and supply chain partners, to succeed and develop, and at the same time providing quality produce to meet the requirements of our customers.